plumberWe all know that not all plumbing companies can provide that satisfying service you are searching for. I remember once I hired a plumbing company to fix my pipes, and this company ended up charging me an expensive fee that was not quoted on the invoice. After a few weeks, I had to call another company simply because the first company came to my place and did what they thought was a satisfying job. These types of plumbing services exist in every area and should be avoided at all costs. Below are some tips that will help you to choose the right plumbing company:

1. Ask to see the state license

Any plumbing company by law should have a certified license. it’s advisable to ask for a certified license from the plumbers who have been sent to your home ( any good certified plumber has his/her own certificate). Some people have reported things going missing from their homes just because they forgot to ask for the details of the individuals who were sent to their homes.

2. Business stability

Before hiring the plumbing company, it’s important to do a small search on the internet about their stability. I had to check my plumbing companies profile online. It’s true that the internet has any information you want. Check for the basic information like how long the plumbing company had been in your area and for how long it has been in business. A search like this will give you an idea of the service the company has been offering to its clients.

3. Price

Most companies have hidden costs that they fail to mention on their invoices. My first plumbing company ended up charging me for small extra costs like the amount of fuel they had consumed and additional charges on the number of hours they had spent in my house. I tried to complain, but I ended up paying. The best thing to do as a first timer is to make a personal call to the company. Talk to the person in charge and make sure that he/she explains the breakdown of their costs to avoid any extra charges.

4. Avoid plumbers who advertise on television and radio

The advertisements cost money which means they will have to compensate for the advertisements by introducing extra costs on your bill. Personally I believe any certified plumbing company will provide the same service as that company always showing up on your television during a small break. Also, some Ads tend to be very misleading. Try a private company owned by a family. They tend to charge less.

5. Hire the company on a weekday

This point has to do with the cost. Most plumbing companies will charge an extra during the weekends.

6. Get references

Before paying your money to this plumbing companies ask your neighbors on which company has the best services. Customer’s reviews will tell you a lot about an enterprise. I once asked about a nearby plumbing company and was shocked by the comments people made. Some even complained that the plumbers did more damage than repairs to their piping systems. They saved me the extra costs I would have incurred if I would have hired the plumbing company with no certification.

7. Check if the company offers a warranty or a guarantee of their work

Who wants to pay for the same service twice? I don’t. A good company would fix your repairs for free if the first job they did in your house wasn’t up to your standard. Read through the warranty and make sure that you understand all the details. Every warranty has an expiry period. Make sure you know how long you have before your warranty expires. Keep it safe as the company won’t do any repair if you happen to misplace your original order.

8. Check if the company is insured

This will save you any extra costs in case your plumber gets injured during the job. A friend of mine once hired an unlicensed plumber to work on her house. The worker ended up flooding her house that bridged her home insurance as the plumber was not from an insured company.Insurance companies will not pay you for a small error like hiring a plumber who is not insured to work in your house.

9. Choose a company that operates 24 hours

No one knows when your pipes will block. The best plumbing company is one that works 24 hours a day. You need a company that you can trust. A 24-hour plumbing company will be of good service to you as they can respond to your calls at any time of the day or night.

10. Check for background

Ask the company to provide you with the technician’s experience. The background should have all drug tests and any information that is a need to know about their employees. You need a company that you can feel safe leaving their employees in your house without the worry of losing your valuables.

11. Payment methods

The best way of paying a plumbing company is through a valid check or by use of a credit card. Doing this keeps records for future references. Paying cash is never a good idea. It will be hard to track down the plumber who serviced your house in case the job he did was not satisfactory. Be cautious if the worker asks for cash. He/she might be an intruder disguised as a plumber.Also never pay the whole amount before inspecting the job done. Pay a small amount upfront to prove that you are willing to pay the full amount once the job is done. This is a good way of building trust between you and the hired company.

12. Clean-up

We can all agree that the plumbers have a tendency to leave the place all dirty and untidy. Make an inquiry on what type of cleanup service the company offers. Some people end up cleaning the grease and all the old materials the plumbers leave behind once they are done with the job. In a case like this, if the company doesn’t offer after cleaning services, pay the worker some cash to do it for you.

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