garden hoseThe garden hose is one of the most important elements of conveying water from one point of your compound to another. Either for reasons that involve your little garden or your flower bed, the garden hose makes sure that the water gets there safely and at the right quantity and quality as well. Therefore, taking care of this piece is an equally important task that you should impose upon yourself. In case your garden hose has any problems, then ensuring the proper repairing of this piece of equipment is essential thus guaranteeing its further use in your home.

Repairing Small Leaks

Repairing this sorts of leaks is one of the easiest tasks that you can impose upon yourself. If you have identified such a leak in your garden hose, then take a step to ensure that this leak does not further develop into an even larger leak that can cause eventual breakdown of the hose. What you just need to use here is common electrical tape to seal this small leaks. There is also the specially made tape for this task and you can get it at your local store. Just, first clean the hose and dry it then apply the tape. Don’t make it too tight but overlap it severally around the hose and your hose will be as good as new. Repairing small leaks is not a drag so you need not worry too much about this.

What To Do With A Leaking Spigot

A spigot is a technical term for a faucet or tap that is used to regulate the amount of water that comes out of the hose. There isn’t much repair that you can do to this except tightening it where necessary and if it still leaks then it’s time to get a new one and replace that leaking one. Replacing this is simply easy so you need not really call a plumber or any specialist for that matter to do it for you.After you have replaced this part, then the hose should work perfectly and deliver the water quantity that you need and at the pressure that you want it. This sorts of home repairs are easy and don’t need much expertise while undertaking them. Note that, when replacing this part, make sure it is exactly the one that your hose had or it actually fits so that you may not buy a larger or smaller spigot than the circumference of your hose.

Repairing large Leaks

With these kinds of leaks, the work can be a little bit more engaging but that notwithstanding it is not entirely impossible to do without any prior expertise. The work involved is pretty simple, but it requires precision. You cut out the extremely damaged parts and you intentionally replace them with a mender. A mender is a rubber or vinyl material that fits your garden hose especially the part where you cut out. So, you have to make sure that the mender is of the right material as well as of the right dimensions for it to fit your hose perfectly and avoid future unnecessary leaks. Make sure also that your cuts are straight and this is carefully done by a very sharp knife that is at your disposal. You can take the cut out damaged part to the store when purchasing the replacement part so as to avoid any uncertainties or inconveniences that may arise.

Steps on Replacing Fittings Like The Mender

Clean the hose first thoroughly and dry it to perfection then rub a little lubricant like soap on the repair area to make it a little better pliable and the easier to make amends to.

First step: Cutting out the damaged or leaking portion and making the ends as square as you possibly can.

Second step: Loosening the screws that are on the replacement coupler.

Third step: Inserting the cut end of the the sections of the hose into one side of the clamp mender.

Fourth step: Tightening the screws hard enough.

Fifth step: Attaching the hose to a nozzle or sprinkler and by turning on the water, you will get to realize if the clamps need any further tightening to avoid any more leaks.

If you follow all these steps, be sure your garden hose will be okay and deliver the required work.

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